Fire Proof Coatings
We have exceptional experience with all aspects of fireproofing. Our knowledge of the construction process enhances our capabilities and client relationships.
  • Structural steel spray-applied fireproofing
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Maintenance / Fire Proofing
  • Fire Stopping
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Industrial Linings
Lining and Coating Service ensures that your property will gain value through our coating solutions to ensure your duty as a crew member or manager is fulfilled. Gain asset value through our coating solutions and make sure you are protecting your investments you or your customers have worked hard for. We also offer containment for petroleum based products and chemicals. Protect your assets! 
  • Factory Equipment Safety
  • Floor Safety for workers (non slip)
  • Repairing or restoring ponds with a new coating solution
  • Ponds
  • Farm Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Dump Truck Linings
  • Water-park slides
  • Pipes/pumps lining
  • Roof Coatings
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Increase Vehicle life to stop rusting and corroding of paint. Our coating solution will fit onto any type or shape of equipment regardless of how old it is.  
  • Forklift Parts
  • Tillers
  • Crane Equipment
  • Dozers
  • Forklift Parts
  • Heavy Duty Work Trucks
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Truck Bed Liners, Work Truck Coatings
Our lining solutions either are backed by a term based warranty or a lifetime warranty. You can customize any color or texture to ensure no cargo movement and can compete with any brand in cost per gallon, quality, mil thickness,attributes, and a variety of other aspects.
  • Fast Installation
  • Absolutely no warping of materials
  • Safe for chemical containment and incidental application
  • Livestock friendly
  • Buy any texture!
  • Buy any color including clear!
truck rails
Make sure your cargo doesnt move and that your lining doesn't crack and have to be replaced in a few years! Make it last!
  • Stop rusting before it happens
  • Maintenance is a breeze
  • Can be applied to any surface
  • Use it for jet-ski and boat trailers to make sure your wet cargo does not slip
  • Up the value of your trailer in no time!
Foot traffic hurts floors no matter how you look at it. Using our coating solution ensures many more years to your floors whether it be in your garage or in an industrial factory.
  • Protect your surface!
  • Clean Fast and Easy
  • Won't crack in cold/hot conditions
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Any color, texture, even clear!
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Increase the speed of your vessel with our smooth coating, make sure hull vibration with a strong inside is applied, and stop leaks before they start!


Our relationships with our customers and crews are the reason we have pride in our product and ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved.

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